Mobbles 2.1.30

Virtual pets in the real world


  • Fun gameplay
  • Addictive


  • Requires location

Very good

Mobbles is a virtual pet capture game that uses your physical location to show where creatures are.

When playing the game, you have to search your physical location for Mobbles to show where the different creatures are. Then when you are close enough, you can capture them on your device. Once you have them, you need to feed, bathe, and entertain them so the Mobble does not die.

The game includes a leveling system for captured Mobbles and gives diamonds, which are used as currency to buy more food and accessories. When starting the game, the tutorial gives you two enclosures for Mobbles, but from then on you have to purchase new habitats as well.

The graphics in Mobbles are stylized and have a cartoon look. The creatures are varied and have their own personalities. It may not have high polygonal visuals, but the graphics do fit the game perfectly.

Mobbles is a fun game that combines location based gaming with virtual pet gameplay.



Mobbles 2.1.30

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